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Our MILWAUKEE® SAE 56 piece 3/8" drive Ratchet & Socket set is designed from the ground up, offering our users the Most Versatile Sockets that are Anti-Roll and Wrench-Ready. Its innovative FOUR FLAT™ Sides feature an anti-roll and wrench-ready design. The 90 tooth ratchet tool offers 4° of arc swing and a slim profile design, allowing you to work in tighter and more confined spaces, be it under the hood of a car or in the middle of a remodel. The ratchet and socket kit comes with a removable inner tray which is perfectly designed to be stored long-term in a steel storage chest. All of our sockets are stamped with metric and SAE measurements on the flat side for easy-to-read visibility. It also comes with a durable carrying case for ultimate portability. The set comes with accessories included so that our users can get every job done, both in the garage and on the jobsite. Our ratchet and socket set is backed by our Lifetime Guarantee.


(1) 1/2" Deep Well Socket(1) 1/2" Standard Socket(1) 1/4" Deep Well Socket(1) 1/4" Standard Socket(1) 1" Standard Socket(1) 10mm Deep Well Socket(1) 10mm Standard Socket(1) 11/16" Deep Well Socket(1) 11/16" Standard Socket(1) 11mm Deep Well Socket(1) 11mm Standard Socket(1) 12mm Deep Well Socket(1) 12mm Standard Socket(1) 13/16" Deep Well Socket(1) 13/16" Standard Socket(1) 13mm Deep Well Socket(1) 13mm Standard Socket(1) 14mm Deep Well Socket(1) 14mm Standard Socket(1) 15mm Deep Well Socket(1) 15/16" Standard Socket(1) 15mm Deep Well Socket(1) 15mm Standard Socket(1) 16mm Deep Well Socket(1) 16mm Standard Socket(1) 17mm Deep Well Socket(1) 17mm Standard Socket(1) 18mm Deep Well Socket(1) 18mm Standard Socket(1) 19mm Deep Well Socket(1) 19mm Standard Socket(1) 3/4" Deep Well Socket(1) 3/4" Standard Socket(1) 3/8" Deep Well Socket(1) 3/8" Standard Socket(1) 3" Extension(1) 5/16" Deep Well Socket(1) 5/16" Standard Socket(1) 6" Extension(1) 6mm Deep Well Socket(1) 6mm Standard Socket(1) 7/16" Deep Well Socket(1) 7/16" Standard Socket(1) 7/8" Deep Well Socket(1) 7/8" Standard Socket(1) 7mm Deep Well Socket(1) 7mm Standard Socket(1) 8mm Deep Well Socket(1) 8mm Standard Socket(1) 9/16" Deep Well Socket(1) 9/16" Standard Socket(1) 90-Tooth Ratchet(1) 9mm Deep Well Socket(1) 9mm Standard Socket(1) Universal Hose Adapter

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